Summer Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your commercial property, the focus may often be more on your facility’s interior. However, the exterior of your building and surrounding property requires equal attention, especially because it is often the first impression made on visitors and customers. And, with warm weather, summer is the ideal time to conduct a thorough exterior cleaning and window washing at your place of business.


Maintaining a clean, attractive and well-maintained exterior property including your parking area, building facade, windows and surrounding areas is a wise investment in both the value of your commercial property as well as in your company’s image. As with residential real estate, the value of your commercial property is increased by all efforts to improve and enhance its ‘curbside appeal’.


The entrance to your facility is where people first encounter your company or organization, so you want to make sure the impression is a good one. Is your parking area littered with dirt and debris? Is there buildup of grime, salt or oil staining, mildew, graffiti, or bird droppings on your building façade or on other areas of your facility’s exterior property? You want to consider how having an unclean exterior affects the first reaction to your business by visitors, customers and potential investors.  


Your staff will also have a more positive attitude if they are arriving to work to a clean and attractive environment, both inside and out. Having a clean and attractive exterior at your commercial facility brings many added-value benefits including protecting the health, safety and comfort of customers, employees and tenants, as well as boosting your company’s image and property value. 


Professional power washing is a smart way to maintain the overall appearance of your grounds and building exteriors — and it’s the perfect solution to a wide range of commercial exterior cleaning problems including removal of salt and oil staining, dirt, grime, bird guano, and more.


Maintaining clean windows inside and out is also an important aspect of your commercial property’s curbside appeal. Your windows provide both light to the interior as well as allow the view from the inside out. Staff morale and productivity is also enhanced when clean, sparkling windows can let sunlight in and allow for a clear view outside.


With 70 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, ServiceMaster Clean provides highly trained and insured exterior property cleaning specialists, with the expertise and resources to offer unsurpassed exterior commercial cleaning services for all types and sizes of retail, commercial and industrial facility exteriors.



Let ServiceMaster Clean help your business thrive, with expert exterior commercial cleaning services including:

  • Pressure Washing of Asphalt, Concrete and Stone Walkways
  • Building Facade Cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Parking Garage Cleaning
  • Moss Removal
  • Graffiti Removal


With locations nationwide, including one in or near your area, we can customize a plan to meet your specific needs and budget.